Welcome to maghouse!

  • maghouse is accredited by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Bureau of Social Welfare and Public Health for the care of children from ages 0 to 3.
  • We offer a reliable childcare program based on over 10 years of experience.
  • Our mission is ”to nurture life skills,” fostering the physical and intellectual abilities essential to leading a meaningful life.
  • Our childcare priorities are as follows:
    • Providing a safe and secure environment
    • Fostering a sense of curiosity and positive mindset (emphasizing inquisitiveness and mental development)
    • Reinforcing manners and rules (social skills)
    • Developing communication skills (balancing onefs emotions and consideration for others)
    • Promoting a multicultural environment with a bilingual and international staff
    • Ensuring plenty of outdoor playtime with Nakane Park just a 3-minute walk away
    • Careful attention to menu selection (with generous lunch and snack offerings)

    • Easy access, with the Toyoko Line Toritsu Daigaku Station just a 3-minute walk away

Childcare Fees

Monthly care (2017)

Membership fee

Monthly fee *Includes lunch, snack and milk

Hour under12 month aged 1 aged 2
160 hours ¥66,000 ¥64,000 ¥64,000
~180 hours ¥71,000 ¥69,000 ¥68,000
~200 hours ¥76,000 ¥74,000 ¥71,000
~220 hours ¥79,000 ¥77,000 ¥74,000

Other fee

Extension fee(beyond the regular times) ¥200/15min.
Charges for 20:30~ ¥300/15min.
Charges for over 220 hours a month ¥300/15min.
An additional meal ¥500

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